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Journey vs Voyage vs Tour vs Trip vs Jaunt vs Excursion vs Cruise vs Expedition vs Pilgrimage

Journey, voyagetourtripjauntexcursioncruiseexpeditionpilgrimage mean travel or a passage from one place to another.

Journey, the most comprehensive term in general use, carries no particular implications of the distance, duration, destination, purpose, or mode of transportation involved.

Voyage normally implies a journey of some length over water, especially a sea or ocean, but sometimes it may indicate a journey through air or space.

Tour applies to a somewhat circular journey from place to place that ends when one reaches one's starting point.

Trip is the preferable word when referring to a relatively short journey, especially one for business or pleasure. The term is also used in place of journey to refer to more extensive travels.

Jaunt carries a stronger implication of casualness and informality than any of the others and is especially applicable to a short trip away from one's home or one's business, usually for pleasure or recreation.

Excursion applies to a brief pleasure trip, usually no more than a day in length. Excursion is the preferred term, especially in railroad and steamship use, for a round trip at reduced rates to a point of interest (as a resort or an exposition or a metropolis). When the excursion involves a voyage of some days or weeks and, often, a sight-seeing tour with frequent stops during which the participants use the ship as their living quarters, cruise is the usual term.

Expedition applies to a journey intended to further a definite purpose.

Pilgrimage applies primarily to an expedition to a place hallowed by religious associations but is sometimes applied also to a journey to a place of historical or sentimental association. Often it implies an arduous journey or slow and difficult passage.