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Acetic vs Aesthetic vs Ascetic

Acetic refers to things having an acid characteristic. Because of its acetic taste, there‚Äôs a chance the juice is old. Aesthetic refers to artistic or beautiful things. The architect designs buildings with aesthetic ideas in mind. Ascetic refers to a person austere in appearance, manner, or attitude. He lives an ascetic existence, supporting himself on […]

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Air vs Atmosphere vs Ether vs Ozone

Air designates the invisible mixture of gases which surrounds the earth and is the impalpable respirable substance essential to life or that substance mixed with or contaminated by other substances. the air we breathe perfumed air smoky air Atmosphere designates the layers of air which form the envelope of the earth or a similar gaseous […]

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Acclamation vs Acclimation

Acclamation refers to an oral vote or praise of some kind. The board passed by acclamation a motion to fund the plan. The Honor Society appreciated the acclamation of the principal. Acclimation refers to adapting to a new climate or environment. Her acclimation to the cold weather took longer than expected.

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