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Journal vs Periodical vs Newspaper vs Magazine vs Review vs Organ

Journal, periodicalnewspapermagazinerevieworgan are comparable when denoting a publication which appears regularly at stated times.

Basically, a journal is a publication which is issued daily and gives an account of matters of interest occurring during the preceding twenty-four hours. Continued use, however, has made it an acceptable designation both of a publication that appears less often (as a weekly, a monthly, or a quarterly) and of one that is the official publication of some special group.

Periodical applies to a publication appearing at regular intervals and especially to weeklies, biweeklies, monthlies, and quarterlies.

Newspaper is the usual term for a sheet or group of sheets of which the main function is to provide the news of the day and which is usually issued daily; such a publication is called a journal only in formal speech or writing, although those whose profession is writing for newspapers are often termed journalists and although the language and style believed to be typical of the newspaper is commonly called journalese.

Magazine applies chiefly to a periodical, often illustrated, that offers a miscellaneous collection of articles, fiction, poetry, descriptive sketches, and commentary.

Review applies to a periodical that emphasizes critical writings or articles commenting on important events and significant questions of the day.

Organ usually applies to a publication by an organization (as a political party, church, business, or institution) that gives news of interest to its members or adherents or presents its particular principles and views authoritatively.