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Judge vs Adjudge vs Adjudicate vs Arbitrate

Judgeadjudgeadjudicatearbitrate mean to decide something in dispute or controversy upon its merits and upon evidence.

All these words imply the existence of a competent legal tribunal or of its equivalent. Judge implies mainly the investigation of evidence on both sides, a comparison of the merits of each case, and a decision as to where the truth lies.

Adjudge stresses decision by a court either at the end of a trial or during a legal process.

Adjudicate, on the other hand, stresses formal deliberate determination of an issue by or as if by a court and often the pronouncing of a judgment, sentence, or decree.

Arbitrate implies deliberate determination of a matter in dispute by one or more persons who constitute a tribunal that may or may not be legally recognized and who are usually acceptable to both sides to the controversy.