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Difference between Down here and Here below

down here

1. in the place where we are right now:

  • The weather affects how we think, move, and feel. Talking about the weather, it is hot and dry down here.

2. is used of a place which lies more to the south:

  • If you’re planning on taking your yacht to the Bahamas, something we do regularly down here in Florida, here’s some advice.

3. at the foot of the page; later in an article, etc.:

  • Write down here goals that you would like to tackle. Start with the easiest first and tick off any activity you achieve.

here below

1. = down here 3:

  • We give here below the list of all the points that must be mandatory checked when purchasing this product.

2. (liter.) here on Earth:

  • I might have a confidential fit of laughter with you over this melodramatic life which has been appointed me to live here below.

See also: down below / down under.