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Difference between Down low and Low down

down low

1. (coll.) secret or private:

  • Their eye contact seems to indicate that there may have been a little down low action going on between the two.

2. (sl.) is used of married men who secretly engage in homosexual activities:

  • Some down low men consider themselves monogamous if they only sleep with one man.

low down

1. despicable; deserving of contempt or scorn:

  • Only low-down cowards post under other people’s names. If you don’t have the guts to post something under your own name, don’t even bother.

2. gloomy; depressed:

  • Sellman was definitely in a low down mood today. He made a mess with the police, his clients and his family.

3. ( Jazz) blues or pop music that has a very strong, repeated bass part:

  • He allowed Handy to pursue it only if he didn’t get involved in what his parents called “that low-down” music—ragtime and blues.