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Difference between Down for the count and Out for the count

down for the count

1. (of a boxer) knocked down and unable to get back up for the count of ten:

  • West went down for the count, lying motionless on the floor.

2. soundly defeated:

  • The conservatives appeared to be down for the count. Yesterday they failed to win a vote of no confidence.

out for the count

1. = down for the count 1:

  • Now that Nuruddin is within punching distance, he’ll put him out for the count.

2. = down for the count 2:

  • Diversity and multi-culturalism are by no means out for the count in the School of Public Health.

3. unconscious:

  • I was out for the count. Before I lost complete state of consciousness, I felt my cell phone slipping out of my hand.

4. very fast asleep:

  • I knew the children were tired. Look at them. They are both out for the count.