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Difference between Do good and Make good

do good

1. be beneficial (usually with a quantifier):

  • You could try taking a higher dose of Vitamin C; it might do some good.

2. help through charitable work:

  • Sometimes I doubt if she will be as ready to begin doing good again.

Cf.: dogooder(derog.) a well-meaning but unrealistic or ineffective philanthropist (who tries to “do good”):

  • Amateur “do-gooders” could slip up when certain medical attention was needed.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase do well

1. (Progressive Tense) make a good recovery (from illness, etc.):

  • She has completed her treatments and is doing well.

2. become professionally or financially successful:

  • These are things I did and I did well as a nurse and a nurse’s aide.

3. (followed by Infinitive) be well-advised to act in a particular way:

  • The corporation will do well to accept the union’s demands.

make good

1. = do well 2:

  • Then she got a job in the hospital and made good as a nurse.

2. reimburse or refund smth.:

  • If the article is defective, you should take it back and ask them to make good.