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Difference between Do faces and Make faces

do faces

1. sketch or model faces:

  • I do faces better than anything else. It’s the bodies that don’t turn out so well.

2. apply cosmetics:

  • Makeup artist Tom Savini, one of the best in this creepy business, will do faces.

make faces

1. assume a silly, twisted expression on one’s face intended to cause laughter:

  • The two children sat at the table making faces at each other.

2. express annoyance or disapproval by one’s facial expression:

  • The leader swung his chair round … presumably so he could make faces to the rest of the orchestra.

3. = do faces 1:

  • When I started my training, I was delighted and excited to find that I could make faces as they actually are.

See also: make a face / make face.