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Difference between Do good to someone and Do someone good

do good to someoneshow kindness or concern by doing smth. beneficial to a person (usually in religious contexts):

  • Love God in your heart and do good to all your friends and enemies.

do someone good

1. make smb. feel better; help or benefit a person:

  • Make everyone who is not asleep get out at every rest area. The fresh air will do you good.

2. give a person pleasure or satisfaction:

  • It did me good to watch him sit on the edge of my bunk and eat biscuits and butter.

3. (followed by Infinitive) one would be well-advised to act in a particular way:

  • It will do you good to hear the truth occasionally. I doubt if you ever heard it at home.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase do someone a good turn—perform an act of kindness or help a person unselfishly:

  • Why should you do me a good turn? I never did you one.

See also: do someone well / do well by someone.