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Difference between Come through and Go through

come through

1. arrive or appear:

  • Her exam results have just come through and she is going to college in Watford.

2. show plainly:

  • This message came through clearly in a discussion with the company’s managers.

3. be received (by radio, etc.):

  • A report came through by telephone that they thought another body had been spotted.

4. live in spite of danger or difficulty:

  • He was wounded once by shrapnel, but otherwise came through unharmed.

5. do what is needed or expected:

  • Lynda is the greatest and always comes through! What we call a major project, she considers a piece of cake.

go through

1. (of a law, etc.) be passed or approved:

  • The Bill went through unopposed after attracting cross-party support and the blessing of the Government.

2. (of a business deal, etc.) be completed:

  • Specify what work on the property you want to be undertaken before the sale has gone through.