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Difference between Come someone’s way and Go someone’s way

come someone’s way—

1. be met with or encountered:

  • A couple of expressions have only come my way in the last month or so.

2. present itself; become accessible to a person:

  • If a chance of traveling abroad came his way, he would be delighted.

3. agree to smb.’s principles, course of action, etc.:

  • We are giving the Minister a rough ride so that he will come our way and put matters right.

4. (of events, circumstances, etc.) be favorable to a person:

  • Don’t be a fool. Let’s push our luck, now that things are coming our way.

go someone’s way—

1. = come someone’s way 3:

  • She will never go my way—nor, I fear, shall I ever go hers.

2. = come someone’s way 4:

  • If, as a child, things don’t go your way and you’re miserable, you can make the point by screaming.