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Difference between Come through something and Go through something

come through something

1. (of a sentiment, opinion, etc.) be seen or felt in smth.:

  • A feeling of sadness comes through his music.

2. recover (from a serious illness); survive smth.:

  • Bill came through his operation as cheerful as ever.

3. live through an upsetting experience; endure smth.:

  • People don’t really appreciate what he had to come through.

go through something

1. discuss smth. in detail; examine smth.:

  • Let’s go through the arguments presented here again.

2. examine papers, files, etc. in search of smth.:

  • The police went through the pockets of the suspected thief.

3. perform smth.; take part in smth.:

  • She made him go through both a civil and religious wedding.

4. bring smth. to completion:

  • How long will it take to go through the program?

5. = come through something 3:

  • It was distressing for us to see what she has to go through.

See also: gallop through something / run through something.