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Working man vs Workman

working mana man who has a job in industry; member of the working class:

  • Greyhound racing is sometimes said to be the working man’s substitute for horse racing.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase working girl

1. said of a girl, usually single, who supports herself by working in an office, etc.:

  • The film portrays a white-collar working girl who receives a marriage proposal from a kindly but humble doctor.

2. (euph.) a prostitute:

  • Now, the average working girl often takes in hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars every night she is on the street.


1. a manual worker employed upon some particular piece of work; a skilled craftsman:

  • The workmen brought the materials on Friday and promised to start the job on Monday.

2. a person who works in some specified way:

  • My health makes me a very slow workman.