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Worker bee vs Working bee

worker bee

1. sterile bee specialized to collect food and maintain the hive:

  • Only one queen bee is the mother of all worker bees and drones in a beehive.

2. said of a hard working person:

  • All those handmade items make it so cozy and inviting. You are a real worker bee.

working bee

1. = worker bee 1:

  • By this time the number of working bees in the hive is becoming very great, and the storing of honey goes on very quickly.

2. = worker bee 2:

  • The members were “working bees” in the best sense, and were capable of success anywhere.

3. an event at which people work towards a common cause:

  • Are you able to assist at our working bee on Sunday? The purpose of this working bee is to beautify the area.