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Wind vs Breeze vs Gale vs Hurricane vs Zephyr

Wind, breezegalehurricanezephyr are comparable rather than synonymous terms that can all basically mean air in motion.

Wind is the general term referable to any sort of natural motion whatever its degree of velocity or of force. (see also: Wind vs Coil vs Curl vs Twist vs Twine vs Wreathe vs Entwine )

Breeze in general use is applied to relatively light but fresh wind, usually a pleasant or welcome one.

In technical meteorological use the term specifically denotes a wind with a velocity of from 4 to 31 miles an hour.

Breezes are sometimes further described as light (4-7 miles an hour), gentle (8-12), moderate (13-18), fresh (19-24), strong (25-31).

Gale in ordinary use is applied to a high, destructive wind of considerable velocity and force; technically the term is applied specifically to a wind between 32 and 63 miles an hour; a whole gale is one having a velocity between 55 and 63 miles an hour.

Hurricane is sometimes applied popularly to an exceedingly violent or devastating windstorm but technically the term denotes a rotating windstorm with winds of particular velocities (see also WHIRLWIND ).

Zephyr is a poetical term for a very light gentle breeze that delicately touches objects.