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Will vs Bequeath vs Devise vs Leave vs Legate

Willbequeathdeviseleavelegate all mean to give a part or the whole of one’s possessions to another by one’s last will and testament.

Will implies the provision or the existence of a legal instrument (a will ) disposing of one’s property after one’s death.

Bequeath is much used in wills by the testator and is frequent in legal, historical, and literary use; it may imply nothing more than a proved intention (as by a will or a definite oral or written statement).

In legal use bequeath is commonly distinguished from devise , the one implying a gift of personalty, the other a gift of realty.

Leave is the common and ordinary unspecific term for any of the preceding terms.

Legate is not manifestly different from bequeath except that it invariably implies a formal will.