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Umbrella pine vs Umbrella tree

umbrella pine

1. (also: stone pine) a species of pine tree (Pinus pinea) with branches at the top spreading like an umbrella:

  • The umbrella pine has been growing here for at least two thousand years.

2. a tall Japanese evergreen conifer tree (Sciadopitus verticillata) with an umbrella-like ring of leaves:

  • The English name “umbrella pine” refers to the whorls of leaves resembling the spokes of an umbrella.

umbrella tree

1. a small magnolia (Magnolia tripetala) with leaves in a spiral like an umbrella:

  • The wood of the Umbrella Tree is more spongy than any of the other species of Magnolia.

2. one of a variety of trees whose leaves resemble an umbrella:

  • Umbrella Tree: Schefflera actinophylla. This is a member of the family Araliaceae, widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical gardens.