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Tire vs Weary vs Fatigue vs Exhaust vs Jade vs Fag vs Tucker

Tirewearyfatigueexhaustjadefagtucker can all mean to make or in some cases to become disinclined or unable to continue because of loss of strength or endurance.

Tire is the general and ordinary word and usually implies the draining of one’s strength or patience; it may suggest such causes as overexertion, long continuance at a task, boredom, or a sense of futility and usually it requires textual amplification to indicate the cause and the degree of the effect.

Weary as often suggests an incapacity for enduring more of the same thing or an unwillingness to continue one’s effort or one’s interest as a depletion of that strength or that interest.

Fatigue is stronger than tire and implies great lassitude brought on by overstrain or undue effort. It usually implies an incapacity for further strain or effort without damaging effects.

Exhaust (see also DEPLETE ) heightens fatigue’s implications of drained strength or a worn-out condition of mind or of body.

Jade implies weariness or fatigue that makes one lose all freshness, spirit, animation, or interest and become dull and languid. The term seldom carries as clear a suggestion of physical or mental overexertion as fatigue and often implies satiety even more clearly than weary ; it is especially useful when the implication of overindulgence in something or the overworking of a particular sense or faculty is to be conveyed.

Fag implies work until one droops with weariness or fatigue.

Tucker closely approaches fatigue or exhaust in meaning but sometimes carries the additional suggestion of loss of breath.