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Tirade vs Diatribe vs Jeremiad vs Philippic

Tirade, diatribejeremiadphilippic can all mean a violent, often long-winded, and usually denunciatory speech or writing.

Tirade implies a swift emission of heated language, sometimes critical, sometimes abusive, but usually long-continued and directed against persons or things that the speaker or writer believes worthy of castigation.

Diatribe carries a stronger implication of bitterness and, often, of long-windedness than tirade .

Jeremiad stresses the implication of dolefulness or lugubriousness, but it usually applies to a diatribe in that strain.

Philippic applies to an oration or harangue that constitutes a denunciatory attack filled with acrimonious invective and often directed against a public person, a way of life, an aggressive power, or some dictatorial assumption.