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Show vs Manifest vs Evidence vs Evince vs Demonstrate

Showmanifestevidenceevincedemonstrate are comparable when they mean to reveal something outwardly by or as if by a sign or to serve to make something outwardly apparent or visible.

Show implies enabling others to see, but in this case what is revealed can only be inferred (as from acts, words, or looks).

Manifest implies a fuller, plainer, and more indubitable revelation than show .

Evidence is often used in place of show , but it specifically implies that the outward act or utterance serves as proof of the existence or the actuality of something not fully proved or in question.

Evince implies some outward marks or tokens (as of an interest, an emotion, or a power).

Demonstrate (see also PROVE 1 ) is used chiefly in reference to feelings; it ordinarily implies obvious or even deliberately displayed external signs (as effusiveness, enthusiasm, emotional excitement, or significant actions).