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Show vs Exhibit vs Display vs Expose vs Parade vs Flaunt

Showexhibitdisplayexposeparadeflaunt can all mean to present in such a way as to invite notice or attention.

One shows something which he enables others to see or look at (as by putting it forward into view intentionally or inadvertently or by taking another where he may see it).

One exhibits something which he puts forward prominently or openly, either with the express intention or with the result of attracting others’ attention or inspection.

One displays something when he spreads it out before the view of others or puts it in a position where it can be seen to advantage or with great clearness.

One exposes something when he brings it out of hiding or concealment or from under cover and shows, exhibits, or displays it consciously or unconsciously. The term sometimes means little more than to exhibit or display.

Often it means to reveal publicly something and especially something disagreeable that has been or should be concealed. Frequently it carries the additional implication of unmasking.

One parades something by displaying it ostentatiously or arrogantly.

Sometimes the term implies not merely ostentation or arrogance but an intent to deceive or mislead.

One flaunts something when one parades it shamelessly, often boastfully, and offensively.