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Program vs Schedule vs Timetable vs Agenda

Program, scheduletimetableagenda denote a formulated plan listing things to be done or to take place, especially in their time order.

Program is the term of widest application. It may refer to a mental plan or to one that is written or printed; it may be applied not only to a plan for a meeting, an entertainment, or a service but to one made by an individual in ordering his own day or his own future or to one made by a group that has certain ends in view and proposes their orderly achievement.

Schedule and timetable stress the importance of the time element and imply a plan of procedure which establishes not only the chronological order of events or steps but also their time limits.

Schedule is sometimes used, but timetable distinctly more often, for a tabulated list of regularly recurring events (as arrivals and departures of trains or buses).

Agenda is applied chiefly to a schedule of the order of business for a meeting.