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Profuse vs Lavish vs Prodigal vs Luxuriant vs Lush vs Exuberant

Profuse, lavishprodigalluxuriantlushexuberant carry as their basic meaning giving out or given out in great abundance.

What is profuse seems to pour or be poured forth in abundance, without restraint, or in a stream.

What is lavish is so exceedingly profuse as to suggest, positively, munificence or extravagance or, negatively, the absence of all stint or moderation.

What is prodigal gives or is given so lavishly and so recklessly as to suggest waste or the ultimate exhaustion of resources.

What is luxuriant produces or is produced in great and rich abundance; the term usually connotes not only profusion but gorgeousness or splendor in what is produced.

What is lush is not only luxuriant but has reached the peak of its perfection; the term distinctively connotes richness, fullness of development, or luxuriousness.

What is exuberant produces or is produced so abundantly or luxuriantly as to suggest exceedingly great vigor, vitality, or creative power; the term applies chiefly to persons or their words, emotions, or qualities that display a vigor or vitality that is almost rampant.