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Product vs Production vs Produce

Productproductionproduce are comparable when they denote something produced or brought into being by a process or operation, especially one involving labor or effort.

Product is the most general of these terms, applicable to anything produced by generation, growth, labor, or thought or by any industrial, chemical, mental, or other process or by the operation of causes in no way controllable by man.

Production, in the sense of the thing produced, is generally restricted in its application to human products involving intellectual or artistic labor, and it is the usual term in theatrical and motion-picture use. A work of sculpture, a philosophical or historical treatise, or a theatrical representation of a play may be described as a production .

But production is also used in a collective sense to denote all the things, often of a specified or implied kind, manufactured or grown to satisfy human wants.

Produce is ordinarily a collective noun applied to natural and especially agricultural as distinguished from industrial products.

Sometimes the term is applied specifically to vegetables and fruits and sometimes it is applied to products of human and especially human intellectual effort.