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Procession vs Parade vs Cortege vs Cavalcade vs Motorcade

Procession, paradecortegecavalcademotorcade mean a body (as of persons and vehicles) moving along in order.

Procession stresses the orderly arrangement and smooth procedure; often it suggests formality, solemnity, and pomp.

Parade is used of a usually large and formal procession. The term also implies marching in a more or less military fashion to the accompaniment of a band and often suggests other evidences of pomp and display (see also DISPLAY ).

Cortege, sometimes used in the meaning of a retinue or train, usually means a procession of mourners at a funeral; it can refer either to those who follow the casket on foot or to those who follow in vehicles.

Cavalcade throws the emphasis upon the moving of men on horseback or in vehicles; often it applies specifically to a dignitary and his retinue and only indirectly does it suggest the appeal of a spectacle or spectacular procession.

Motorcade may replace cavalcade when the intent is to stress mechanized as distinguished from equine power; otherwise the two terms are similar in values.