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Difference between Give someone a ticking-off and Tick someone off

give someone a ticking-off—(coll.) scold or reprimand a person:

  • The referee gave Mike a ticking-off. Not that he cared.

tick someone off

1. put a mark by smb.’s name on a list:

  • I ask each kid one question, ticking them off as they answer.

2. mark smb. as a potential object for vengeance or hostility:

  • If anyone starts fault-finding he is immediately “ticked off.”

3. = give someone a ticking-off:

  • He was “ticked off ” by one of the boys for leaving his car unlocked and complete with ignition key.

4. (U.S. sl.) annoy or anger a person:

  • It ticks me off when I have to study and somebody makes noise.