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Difference between Give someone a thick ear and Give someone one’s ear

give someone a thick earslap a person on his ear, especially as a punishment:

  • He’d give you a thick ear if he heard you say that. Or Rosie would. Sam’s too polite.

give someone one’s ear—(formal) listen attentively to a person; pay close attention to smb.’s words:

  • If I was struggling with a decision he gave me his ear and some advice.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase give someone an earful—(coll.)

1. give smb. a severe scolding:

  • I gave him an earful for not having a fire extinguisher, because he should know better.

2. provide some information to a person:

  • I didn’t know much about literature … but he gave me an earful each and every day.