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Difference between Get into someone’s skin and Get under someone’s skin

get into someone’s skin —(coll.) come to a complete understanding of smb.’s inner nature (impersonating a character, etc.):

  • In the church scene, Miss Rehan won her audience … but she never really “got into the skin” of Beatrice.

get under someone’s skin —(coll.)

1. bother or irritate a person:

  • John is so annoying at times. He really gets under my skin.

2. affect a person so that he becomes very interested in smth.:

  • After a slow start, the play gets under your skin because of its sympathy with the frustrations of small town life.

3. = get into someone’s skin:

  • I think you are interested in—character, shall we say? To get under the skin, as it were, of your criminal.