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Difference between Get it into one’s head and Take it into one’s head

get it into one’s head—

1. realize the significance of smth.:

  • I wish you would get it into your head, once and for all, that I’m not made of money.

2. start to imagine or believe smth. without sufficient grounds:

  • Somehow he got it into his head that everyone was blaming him.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase get it through one’s head—figure out smth.; begin to understand smth.:

  • I never could get it through my head how a car engine works.

take it into one’s head—

1. = get it into one’s head 2:

  • Somehow he’d taken it into his head that his wife was trying to poison him.

2. decide to do smth.:

  • If I should take it into my head to tell what I had heard, tremendous mischief could result.