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Difference between Get away and Make one’s getaway

get away

1. leave a place, especially with some difficulty:

  • “Sorry I couldn’t get away sooner,” said Patrick. “I had some things to finish up.”

2. escape from prison, the police, etc.:

  • Police say the suspect got away on a green motorcycle with no tags.

3. escape smth. dangerous:

  • There were five seconds between him and eternity and how he got away before the explosion is a mystery.

4. spend time away from a place:

  • It was nice to get away for a few days, and just enjoy each other’s company.

make one’s getaway—

1. = get away 2:

  • A man suspected of stealing made his getaway on a bicycle.

2. have a short vacation:

  • Still no plans for your summer vacation? …but it’s not too late to make your getaway.