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Difference between Gallop through something and Run through something

gallop through somethingdo and complete smth. quickly:

  • I seem to have galloped through the whole work, which I hope will not suffer from not having devoted more time.

run through something

1. (of a rumor, gossip, etc.) pass or spread through a place:

  • The news ran through the town like wild-fire.

2. read and check smth. quickly:

  • Before the interview I ran through my notes and scribbled over my questions making them word-perfect.

3. (of money, etc.) spend fast:

  • Inevitably, as he ran through his fortune, which took him only a few months, he was eventually obliged to face up to realities.

4. (of a piece of music, etc.) repeat or practice:

  • We had a full dress rehearsal and ran through the whole play several times.

Note: The expression is not equivalent in meaning to the phrase run something through

1. make a film pass through a projector:

  • We ran the film through several more times.

2. make a hole through smth.:

  • Do they burn the flag, spit on it, run it through with a sword?

See also: come through something / go through something.