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Difference between Flying horse and Flying mare

flying horse

1. hippogriff (a mythical animal having the foreparts of a winged griffin and the body of a horse):

  • Harry Potter has to overcome the trauma of having a Hippogriff (Flying Horse) destroyed by the authorities.

2. the constellation Pegasus:

  • Pegasus the Flying Horse is a fall constellation, not resembling a horse as much as it does a flying brick.

3. (Wrestling) maneuver in which the contestant seizes an opponent’s wrist, turns about, and jerks him over his back:

  • They get advice on suitable clothing when wrestling and instruction on moves such as “The Flying Horse.”

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase flying sea-horse—(also: sea-horse) fish of peculiar form, with body somewhat like a horse’s head:

  • They have at times been classified with other groups of fish. These strange looking creatures are also known as “flying sea horses.”

flying mare— = flying horse 3:

  • Many worked stones survive as relics; they include statue bases with the reliefs of wrestlers (one attempting the “flying mare” throw).