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Difference between Flying squad and Flying squadron

flying squad

1. any body of persons organized for rapid movement or action:

  • To speed justice, more frequent assizes and a “flying squad” of judges to hear cases during the Long Vacation are recommended.

2. (Flying Squad, the) a branch of London’s Metropolitan Police force, capable of moving quickly into action:

  • It’s a Saturday evening and members of the Flying Squad meet at police headquarters in Brixton.

flying squadron

1. a unit of the U.S. air force:

  • I would change the organizational structure so the aircraft maintenance unit is part of the flying squadron to which pilots belong.

2. = flying squad 1:

  • Ms. Dodson tells of the “Flying Squadron”—the nickname for a group of strikers who traveled to mills in order to plant the seeds of the union movement.

3. (Nautical) a detachment of vessels employed on any particular service:

  • The Flying Squadron arrived at Cienfuegos, Cuba and established the blockade of that port.