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Difference between Draw something up and Pull something up

draw something up

1. move smth. by pulling forward:

  • The boat was drawn up and made fast at the landing.

2. (of a bridge) lift at one end so as to prevent passage over it or allow passage through the channel which it crosses:

  • The gate was shut, the bridge was drawn up.

3. (of a vehicle) bring to a stop; place close to a building:

  • A van was drawn up on a path outside the door.

4. formulate a plan, program, etc.:

  • The report was drawn up by men who had the means of knowing the truth.

pull something up

1. (of weeds) take out of the ground:

  • You’ll find my mother in the garden as usual, pulling up unwanted plants.

2. = draw something up 1:

  • The only mark that was left behind by Angus was the mark where he pulled his boat up on to the shore.

3. = draw something up 2:

  • A few minutes later, Rupert crossed the drawbridge and it was pulled.

4. = draw something up 3:

  • He had pulled his car up to a gentle stop, swung sideways in his seat, and looked at the cottage.

5. (coll.) improve smth.:

  • You’ll have to pull up your English to a higher standard if you want to pass the examination.