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Difference between Draw something out and Pull something out

draw something out

1. take smth. out; remove smth.:

  • He put his hand in the drawer, and drew out a gun.

2. stretch smth.:

  • Draw out the wire until it is very thin.

3. lengthen or prolong smth.:

  • The politician drew out his speech to almost two hours.

4. take money from a bank account:

  • I shall have to draw out some more money to pay all these people.

5. formulate a plan, program, etc.:

  • The committee drew out a plan for the reorganization.

pull something out

1. = draw something out 1:

  • Before I could see what he was doing, he had pulled out a gun.

2. = draw something out 2:

  • The wool from the sheep has to be pulled out until it forms a thread.

3. produce particular facts, ideas, or an answer:

  • I hope you can pull out a better answer before the end of the meeting.