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Difference between Close up and Close-up

close up

1. close completely:

  • The wound is closing up but underneath it it’s still a little tender and bruised.

2. come nearer to each other:

  • As soon as he saw the movement of the crowd the captain gave the order to his men to close up.

3. (of a shop, etc.) close (for a short time):

  • By the time we got to the main dealer’s room, it was already closing up for the day.

4. (coll.) become silent or secretive:

  • We had a good conversation before I asked, but when I asked, he closed up and looked away.


1. (Photography, TV) a shot taken from a position very close to the subject:

  • The film, with a surplus of gigantic close-ups, seems more calculated to appeal to American than British audiences.

2. a detailed picture or display of smth.:

  • This experience provided me with a close-up of how a halftime show is produced and executed.