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Difference between Close up a shop and Close up shop

close up a shop —(also: shut up a shop) close a shop securely before leaving (for the weekend, etc.):

  • The shop was closed up for the night, so Kermit used his key and went up the back way.

close up shop —(also: shut up shop)

1. (of an office, firm, etc.) stop doing business for the day or more:

  • The restaurant will not close up shop until 11 P.M. every night of the week.

2. go out of business:

  • Mr. Lemoyne had reluctantly closed up shop when the library had reached a rock-bottom membership of eleven.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase closed shop—a plant or factory that employs only union workers:

  • Under a closed shop agreement, non-union employees must join the union or face dismissal.