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Difference between Chat someone up and Talk someone up

chat someone up—(UK coll., of men) try to make friends with a woman by talking to her:

  • I did my clumsy best to chat her up and talked to her about my interest in archaeology.

talk someone up—(chiefly U.S.) praise smb.; speak in support of a person:

  • The coaches have been talking him up since early in the preseason.

Note: The expression is not antonymous in meaning to the phrase talk someone down

1. silence smb. by speaking more loudly or aggressively; win out over a person in an argument, etc.:

  • Eventually, however, Mr. Brown talked down all the other members of the committee.

2. convince a person to lower the price:

  • This is my final offer…. Now, don’t try to talk me down.

3. provide a pilot with directions by radio which enable him to land:

  • They get us on the radar screen and talk us down on to the runway.

See also: talk down to someone / talk up to someone.