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Difference between Chase two rabbits and Kill two birds with one stone

chase two rabbits —(also: run after two hares) try to fulfill two goals at the same time (with the implication that a person will not succeed in either one):

  • Japanese managers are forced to “chase two rabbits,” that is, Western governance and Japanese honor.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase make two bites of a cherry—(also: take two bites of a cherry) take two turns to accomplish smth. which could be performed in one operation:

  • To announce then all I am announcing now seemed unwise and we remembered the adage against making two bites of a cherry.

kill two birds with one stoneaccomplish two objectives with a single action:

  • If we can get gas and have lunch at the next rest stop, we will be killing two birds with one stone.