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Difference between Between dog and wolf and Between hawk and buzzard

between dog and wolfis used of the time of twilight:

  • The thought of dinner … drove out the eeriness of the twilight glen. The hour between dog and wolf was passing.

between hawk and buzzard

1. facing equally bad or undesirable alternatives:

  • “We are between hawk and buzzard,” said Livingston; “we puzzle ourselves between the warlike and the commercial opposition.”

2. = between dog and wolf:

  • It’s between hawk and buzzard when at long last Elias and me set off home. I know Mama won’t be happy with us.

Note: Neither expression correlates in meaning with the phrase between hay and grass

1. (of a season, etc.) neither one thing nor the other:

  • “It’s sort of between hay and grass with us, you know,” he explained. “Walnuts all marketed and oranges not ready for the pickers.” ”

2. (U.S. coll., of a young person) not a boy (or a girl) and not yet a man (or a woman):

  • The boy was between hay and grass, but would make a man soon. For now, though, he looked miserable and every bit a child.