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Concise vs Terse vs Succinct vs Laconic vs Summary vs Pithy vs Compendious

Concise, terse, succinct, laconic, summary, pithy, compendious are comparable when meaning briefly stated or presented or given to or manifesting brevity in statement or expression.

A person is concise who speaks or writes briefly; a thing is concise that is brief because all superfluities have been removed and all elaboration avoided.

A thing is terse that is both concise and finished; the word often implies both pointedness and elegance.

A person or thing is succinct that compresses or is marked by compression into the smallest possible space; the term suggests great compactness and the use of no more words than are necessary.

A person or thing is laconic that is characterized by such succinctness as to seem curt, brusque, unperturbed, or mystifyingt.

A thing is summary that presents only the bare outlines or the main points without details. The term often suggests almost rude curtness or extreme generality.

A thing is pithy that is not only terse or succinct but full of substance and meaning and therefore especially forcible or telling.

Something is compendious which is concise, summary, and weighted with matter; the word suggests the type of treatment that distinguishes the typical compendium.