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Absorb vs Imbibe vs Assimilate

Absorb, imbibe and assimilate all mean to take something in so as to become imbued with it.

Absorb is like to suggest a loss of identity in what is taken in or an enrichment of what takes in. (see also: Monopolize vs Engross vs Absorb vs Consume and Interesting vs Engrossing vs Absorbing vs Intriguing and Intent vs Engrossed vs Absorbed vs Rapt and Absorbed by vs Absorbed with )

  • The cream is easily absorbed into the skin.

Imbibe implies a drinking in and may imply an unconscious taking in whose effect may be significant or profound.

  • They were used to imbibing enormous quantities of alcohol.

Assimilate stresses an incorporation into the substance of the body or mind. (see also: Identify vs Incorporate vs Embody vs Assimilate )

  • The committee will need time to assimilate this report.