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Yellow boy vs Yellow man

yellow boy

1. the Winchester 1866 rifle:

  • This weapon could hold sixteen cartridges. Known as the “Yellow-boy” because of its brass frame, it was developed from the Henry repeating rifle.

2. (dated) a gold coin:

  • And if you’ll only go along with me, this day twelve months you’ll all have more yellow boys in your pockets than will buy a good farm down east.

3. (U.S. sl., may sound offensive) a light-skinned Black boy:

  • His complexion was light and his features were far less Negroid than those of his mother. He was a rather good looking yellow boy.

yellow man

1. (Anthropolog y) a person of the Mongoloid race with naturally yellowish skin:

  • Mongolic or Yellow Man prevails over the vast area lying east of a line drawn from Lapland to Siam.

2. (coll.) a fearful, cowardly man:

  • It frightens me when moderate voices are taken to be from weak and yellow men.

3. a flat sugar-stick, flavored with lemon:

  • “Lemon Platt,” commonly sold as “Yellow Man” at fairs in the North of Ireland, derives its name from its flavor.