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Wither vs Shrivel vs Wizen

Wither, shrivelwizen mean to lose or cause to lose freshness and smoothness of appearance.

Wither implies a loss of vital moisture (as sap or body fluids) with consequent fading or drying up and ultimate decay or death. The term is often used in an extended sense implying a similar loss of vitality, vigor, or animation.

Shrivel carries a stronger implication of becoming wrinkled or crinkled or shrunken in size than wither ; usually also it implies a cause (as a blasting or blighting by or as if by intense heat) or a lack of invigorating influences (as rain or, in extended use, encouragement, stimulation, or variety of employments).

Wizen, especially in the past participle, is often preferred to wither or shrivel when the ideas of shrinking in size, and the wrinkling of the face or other surface especially through age, lack of nourishment, or failing vitality are especially stressed.