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Wind-break vs Wind-breaker

wind-breaka clump of trees, fence, etc. which gives protection against the wind:

  • The pine trees acted as a wind-break for the solitary house set a hundred yards lower down.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the compound wind-broken—(also: broken-winded) used of a horse that has impaired breathing:

  • The road was climbing fairly steadily now, and Paddy had fallen behind, staggering and wheezing like a wind-broken horse.


1. (U.S.) a light waterproof jacket:

  • You might need a wind breaker for the rain; although, most times we were encouraged to be inside during the rains.

2. = windbreak:

  • The advantage of a dome over the roll-off roof observatory is that the dome acts as a wind breaker for the telescope.