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Wide open vs Widely open

wide open

1. fully open:

  • The living areas are very spacious with comfortable sofas and wide open doors welcoming in a fresh breeze and bright light.

2. (Boxing ) fully exposed; unprotected:

  • Summers in an unguarded moment, left himself wide open and encountered one of the most decisive knock-out punches I ever saw.

3. vulnerable; off one’s guard:

  • You never find me going in for favors…. It leaves you wide open.

4. (U.S.) said of a town characterized by a lack of restrictions on places for drinking, gambling, etc.:

  • He has been elected three times because the citizens want a wide-open town.

widely open — = wide open 1:

  • We caught a glimpse through widely open doors of the empty auditorium, frantically busy stage crews, and the fully powered-up lighting.