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Warm house vs Warming house

warm housea glass-house maintained at a high enough temperature for the culture of tender or tropical plants:

  • In a warm house or greenhouse plants can reproduce all year round.

warming house

1. a structure at a skating rink where the skaters can go to warm themselves:

  • Lakefront Park remains the premier location for winter activity with a beautiful warming house … a skating rink and a sliding hill.

2. (hist.) a room within a monastery in which the monks were allowed to warm themselves (often the only place where a fire was allowed):

  • The room was located above the warming house to keep vital abbey documents dry and safe.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase house warminga party held when a person moves into a new house:

  • This day James has come to see us and we give a “chez-vous” on the occasion, it may be called our house warming.