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Walk one’s chalks vs Walk the chalk

walk one’s chalks —(dated sl.)

1. make off; escape:

  • We cannot believe that Brother Nicholas walked his chalks with the funds of the brethren.

2. move off:

  • I gave Master Barlow due warning … and one fine morning I walked my chalks to try my luck. I fell in next day with a gentleman’s servant’s place.

3. is used to rudely tell smb. to go away (and stop being annoying): .

  • I have had enough of you. Walk your chalks!

walk the chalk —(also: walk the chalk line)

1. walk along a straight line as a proof of being sober:

  • “See? I’m not drunk,” Chris said as he walked the chalk line. “Okay, you can stop now,” the cop replied, keeping a stern face.

2. act exactly as one is supposed to; behave with propriety:

  • The owners of those dives knew they would have to close up shop and walk the chalk once the police took the matter in hand.