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Vociferous vs Clamorous vs Blatant vs Strident vs Boisterous vs Obstreperous

Vociferous, clamorousblatantstridentboisterousobstreperous are comparable when they mean so loud and noisy, especially vocally, as to compel attention, often unwilling attention.

Vociferous implies both loud and vehement cries or shouts; it often suggests also a deafening quality.

Clamorous can imply insistency as well as vociferousness in demanding or protesting, but as often it stresses the notion of sustained din or confused turbulence.

Blatant implies a tendency to bellow or be conspicuously, offensively, or vulgarly noisy or clamorous.

Strident basically implies a harsh and discordant quality characteristic of some noises that are peculiarly distressing to the ear; it is applied not only to loud, harsh sounds but also to things which, like these, irresistibly and against one’s will force themselves upon the attention.

Boisterous has usually an implication of rowdy high spirits and flouting of customary order and is applied to persons or things that are extremely noisy and turbulent, as though let loose from all restraint.

Obstreperous suggests unruly and aggressive noisiness, typically occurring in resistance to or defiance of authority or restraining influences.